Gmail Emoticons and Smileys

Gmail is one of the most popular communication portals on the internet despite being launched years after MSN and Yahoo. Needless to say, the popularity is because the service is provided by the largest and the most sought-after program on the internet – Google. It provides easy applications, audio and video chats, and has a simplistic feel to it. There are many themes of various kinds you can choose from to set the mood of your inbox.
There are  list of emoticons in Gmail. They appeal to young internet users who prefer smileys with more animations, colors and latest overall presentation. Google has the option to use square smiley faces as well as traditional round ones. Although this can interest some consumers, square smileys are not very expressive or realistic. Plus these smileys are confined only to email and not Gtalk. Some of the emoticons are round faced and some are square faced.

How to Add Emoticons and Smileys to Google Gmail

Use smileys in compose mail

Gmail emoticons are provided in the �compose mail� section, which is situated on the top-left hand of your Gmail inbox. Above the message field are the options of fonts, smileys, hyperlinks and so on. Click on the square smiley option. Once the emoticon options are displayed, choose the round smiley face at the bottom of the emoticon display if you want round smiley faces. These options are only available for Google email and not for Gtalk. Gtalk accommodates the regular �: ) : P� which turn from being sideways to upright. These are quite simple, preferred by older internet users.

Extra Emoji

If you want more emoticons in gmail, just head over to ‘Extra Emoji’. This feature is available in Google Labs. Just go to your gmail settings and click ‘lab’ tab. Just scroll down and you will find ‘extra emoji’. This will enable you to Compose messages with a richer set of emoji characters. There is another addon called ‘recently used emoji’. It keeps track of your favorite emoji and provides a quick and easy way to insert them into messages.

Copy from other chat clients

If you are looking for the traditional smileys to be incorporated into your Gmail emails, open up Yahoo or MSN emoticon list by feeding the keywords into a popular search engine or use the smileys available in Yahoo! Mail or MSN if you already have an account. Copy the emoticons and paste them onto your Gmail email. This is a slow process but works nonetheless. Yahoo and MSN have some great smiley faces and emoticons. But you can also use any other services that provide emoticons.
Overall, Google has indeed provided the option of emoticons that are classy and updated [ you can find some hidden secret emoticons in gmail as well as in gchat]; it just depends on personal preferences of the Gmail users. As for Gtalk emoticons and the regular Gmail chat emoticons, the animated emoticons have yet to be included. It won�t be long before Google decides to come up with entertaining Gmail emoticons and smiley faces and emoticons for its chat clients to face its top competitors.

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