List Of Emoticons

list of emoticons are animated icons that may be sent through in-game or dashboard chat channels. A maximum of four emoticons can be displayed per line.

List[edit | edit source]

Chat code Preview Origin
:blush: Emoticon blush.gif Compendium Emoticon Pack
:cheeky: Emoticon cheeky.gif
😎 Emoticon cool.gif
:crazy: Emoticon crazy.gif
😥 Emoticon cry.gif
:disapprove: Emoticon disapprove.gif
:doubledamage: Emoticon doubledamage.gif
:facepalm: Emoticon facepalm.gif
:happytears: Emoticon happytears.gif
:haste: Emoticon haste.gif
:hex: Emoticon hex.gif
:highfive: Emoticon highfive.gif
:huh: Emoticon huh.gif
:hush: Emoticon hush.gif
:illusion: Emoticon illusion.gif
:invisibility: Emoticon invisbility.gif
:laugh: Emoticon laugh.gif
:rage: Emoticon rage.gif
:regeneration: Emoticon regeneration.gif
😦 Emoticon sad.gif
:sick: Emoticon sick.gif
:sleeping: Emoticon sleeping.gif
🙂 Emoticon smile.gif
:surprise: Emoticon surprise.gif
😉 Emoticon wink.gif
:ti4copper: TI4 copper.gif Copper 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4bronze: TI4 bronze.gif Bronze 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4silver: TI4 silver.gif Silver 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4gold: TI4 gold.gif Gold 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4platinum: TI4 platinum.gif Platinum 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4diamond: TI4 diamond.gif Diamond 2014 Compendium Gem
:cocky: Emoticon cocky.gif The International 2015 Emoticon Pack I
:devil: Emoticon devil.gif
:happy: Emoticon happy.gif
:thinking: Emoticon thinking.gif
:tp: Emoticon tp.gif
:salty: Emoticon salty.gif
:angel: Emoticon angel.gif
:blink: Emoticon blink.gif The International 2015 Emoticon Pack II
:snot: Emoticon snot.gif
:stunned: Emoticon stunned.gif
:disappear: Emoticon disappear.gif
:fire: Emoticon fire.gif
:bountyrune: Emoticon bountyrune.gif
:troll: Emoticon troll.gif
:gross: Emoticon gross.gif The International 2015 Emoticon Pack III
:ggdire: Emoticon ggdire.gif
:ggradiant: Emoticon ggradiant.gif
:yolo: Emoticon yolo.gif
:throwgame: Emoticon throwgame.gif
:aegis2015: Emoticon aegis2015.gif
:eyeroll: Emoticon eyeroll.gif
:pa_kiss: Emoticon pa kiss.gif The International 2016 Emoticon Pack I
:fuming: Emoticon fuming.gif
:dizzy: Emoticon dizzy.gif
:blush_smile: Emoticon blush smile.gif
:arcane_rune: Emoticon arcane rune.gif
:axe_laugh: Emoticon axe laugh.gif
:zipper: Emoticon zipper.gif
:nervous: Emoticon nervous.gif The International 2016 Emoticon Pack II
:luna_love: Emoticon luna love.gif
:giff: Emoticon giff.gif
:thumbs_down: Emoticon thumbs down.gif
:thumbs_up: Emoticon thumbs up.gif
:surprise_blush: Emoticon surprise blush.gif
:dead_eyes: Emoticon dead eyes.gif
:money: Emoticon money.gif The International 2016 Emoticon Pack III
:unicorn: Emoticon unicorn.gif
:naga_song: Emoticon naga song.gif
:poop: Emoticon poop.gif
:aegis_2016: Emoticon aegis 2016.gif
:tear: Emoticon tear.gif
:aaaah: Emoticon aaaah.gif Despair Emoticon Pack
:burn: Emoticon burn.gif
:hide: Emoticon hide.gif
:iceburn: Emoticon iceburn.gif
:tears: Emoticon tears.gif
:fail: Emoticon fail.gif DotaCinema Emoticon Pack
:goodjob: Emoticon goodjob.gif
:headshot: Emoticon headshot.gif
:heart: Emoticon heart.gif
:horse: Emoticon horse.gif
:bts_bristle: Emoticon bristle.gif The Summit 3 Emoticon Pack
:bts_godz: Emoticon godz.gif
:bts_lina: Emoticon lina.gif
:bts_merlini: Emoticon merlini.gif
:bts_rosh: Emoticon rosh.gif
:dac15_nosewipe: Emoticon dac15 nosewipe.gif DAC Compendium 2015 Emoticon Pack
:dac15_blush: Emoticon dac15 blush.gif
:dac15_face: Emoticon dac15 face.gif
:dac15_cool: Emoticon dac15 cool.gif
:dac15_duel: Emoticon dac15 duel.gif
:dac15_transform: Emoticon dac15 transform.gif
:dac15_stab: Emoticon dac15 stab.gif
:dac15_frog: Emoticon dac15 frog.gif
:dac15_surprise: Emoticon dac15 surprise.gif
:charm_blush: Emoticon charm blush.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 1
:charm_cheeky: Emoticon charm cheeky.gif
:charm_cool: Emoticon charm cool.gif
:charm_crazy: Emoticon charm crazy.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 2
:charm_cry: Emoticon charm cry.gif
:charm_disapprove: Emoticon charm disapprove.gif
:charm_facepalm: Emoticon charm facepalm.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 3
:charm_happytears: Emoticon charm happytears.gif
:charm_highfive: Emoticon charm highfive.gif
:charm_huh: Emoticon charm huh.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 4
:charm_hush: Emoticon charm hush.gif
:charm_laugh: Emoticon charm laugh.gif
:charm_rage: Emoticon charm rage.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 5
:charm_sad: Emoticon charm sad.gif
:charm_sick: Emoticon charm sick.gif
:charm_sleeping: Emoticon charm sleeping.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 6
:charm_surprise: Emoticon charm surprise.gif
:charm_wink: Emoticon charm wink.gif
:charm_smile: Emoticon charm smile.gif Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 7
:charm_onlooker: Emoticon charm onlooker.gif
:cocky_ti6_charm: Emoticon cocky ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 1
:devil_ti6_charm: Emoticon devil ti6 charm.gif
:happy_ti6_charm: Emoticon happy ti6 charm.gif
:thinking_ti6_charm: Emoticon thinking ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 2
:tp_ti6_charm: Emoticon tp ti6 charm.gif
:angel_ti6_charm: Emoticon angel ti6 charm.gif
:hex_ti6_charm: Emoticon hex ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 3
:snot_ti6_charm: Emoticon snot ti6 charm.gif
:stunned_ti6_charm: Emoticon stunned ti6 charm.gif
:disappear_ti6_charm: Emoticon disappear ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 4
:fire_ti6_charm: Emoticon fire ti6 charm.gif
:gross_ti6_charm: Emoticon gross ti6 charm.gif
:yolo_ti6_charm: Emoticon yolo ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 5
:throwgame_ti6_charm: Emoticon throwgame ti6 charm.gif
:eyeroll_ti6_charm: Emoticon eyeroll ti6 charm.gif
:lifestealer_ti6_charm: Emoticon lifestealer ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 6
:heal_ti6_charm: Emoticon heal ti6 charm.gif
:drunk_ti6_charm: Emoticon drunk ti6 charm.gif
:salty_ti6_charm: Emoticon salty ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 7 Bundle
:chicken_ti6_charm: Emoticon chicken ti6 charm.gif
:legion_commander_t16_charm: Emoticon legion commander t16 charm.gif
 :snowman: Emoticon snowman.gif Winter 2016 Emoticon Pack
 :healed: Emoticon healed.gif
 :drunk: Emoticon drunk.gif
 :trophy_2016: Emoticon trophy 2016.gif
:eaglesong_2015: Emoticon eaglesong 2015.gif Eaglesong 2015 Emoticon
:reaver_2016: Emoticon reaver 2016.gif The Manila Major 2016 Trophy Emoticon
 :bc_check: Emoticon check.gif 2016 Weekend Battle Cup
 :bc_eyes: Emoticon eyes.gif
 :bc_fire: Emoticon fire bc.gif
 :bc_flex: Emoticon flex.gif
 :bc_frog: Emoticon frog.gif
 :bc_100: Emoticon hundred.gif
 :bc_ok: Emoticon okay.gif
:techies: Techies emoticon.gif Techies Emoticon
:grave: Emoticon grave.gif Phantom Assassin Gravestone Emoticon
:pup: Emoticon pup.gif Aurora: Wolf Pup of Icewrack Emoticon
:wrath: Emoticon wrath.gif Zeus Wrath Emoticon
:underlord_ti6_charm: Emoticon underlord ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Underlord
:monkey_king_ti6_charm: Emoticon monkey king ti6 charm.gif Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Monkey King

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