List of Korean Emoticons and How to Use Them

Korean emoticons have meanings far and wide. And knowing these Korean emoticons will let you know if your Korean friends are happy, surprised,  or just trying to be cute! Reciprocate your feelings using this list of Korean emoticons.
Note: there are many Korean emoticons and interpretations differ. This list of Korean emoticons has been compiled with the help of a Korean college student.
Emoticon Represents Notes
^o^ | ^-^ Happy face (two raised eyes/eyebrows) ^^ is the easiest and most common form
ㅜㅜ | ㅠㅠ | ㅠㅡㅠ Sad/Crying face (vertical lines are tears)  ㅠ or ㅜ also works
^^; | ^-^; Sweat running down a face  Nervousness, apprehension, timidness (with a smile)
>//< Shyness, Bashfulness Guy: You’re pretty
Girl: >//<
^.~ Wink n/a
=_= Sleepiness Also used when uninterested
in what the other person says
-_- | ㅡㅡ Serious face Used when feelings are hurt (often jokingly)
Also used to express disbelief.
>_< | >ㅁ< | >3< Cute face When trying to act cute = 애교 (egyo)*
+_+ | ㅇ_ㅇ Surprise ㅇ_ㅇ requires Korean keyboard
~_~ Boredom or “wtf” in emoticon form “wtf” = 어이없다 (eoieopta)*
★.★ Excitement For stars, Yahoo Answers says press:
Alt + 9733 (number pad)
♥.♥ | ♡.♡ Love For hearts, this site says press:
Alt + 3 (number pad)
ㅎ_ㅎ | ㅋ_ㅋ Cute Face Requires Korean keyboard
*Language Tip:
애교 (egyo) – the act of turning on the charm (in a cute manner)
어이없다 (eoieopta) – phrase used for absurd situations or requests (akin to “wtf”)
For more Korean emoticons, check out this list of emoticons , or try taking this Korean emoticon quiz!

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