What is the full list of emoticons?

Feeling ? Or having a  moment? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Skype emoticons to liven up your instant message conversations, or add them to your mood message to let your friends know how you’re feeling.

You can select the emoticon you want to use from the palette in the IM window (by clicking on the smiley in the chat window) or use the keyboard shortcut – a set of characters or a specific word in brackets. If you hover over an emoticon in the palette, you’ll see its keyboard shortcut.

There are loads of visible emoticons, hidden emoticons, country flags and Mojis to choose from.

We are adding new emoticons to our collection all the time, so be sure to check the Featured tab to see our most recently added emoticons.

All visible list of emoticons :

You’ll find the latest emoticons we’ve added in the palette:
Icon Name Shortcuts
Dancing Gran (gran)
Super Mom (hero)
Busy day (busyday)
Thanks (thanks)
Sloth (sloth)
You’ll find these smilies in the palette:
Icon Name Shortcuts
Spoiler alert (shock)
Cold shivering (shivering) (cold) (freezing)
Listening (listening)
Hungover (morningafter) (hungover)
Listening to headphones (headphones)
Smile 🙂 :=) 🙂
Sad 😦 :=( 😦
Laugh 😀 :=D 😀 :d :=d :-d
Cool 8=) 😎 B=) B-) (cool)
You’ll find these People and Objects in the palette:
Icon Name Shortcuts
Who’s this (whosthis)
Unsee (unsee)
TV Binge (tvbinge)
Angry Red (red)
Silly Pig (pig)
Flags are a great way of letting people know where you are or where you’re going. Just type the keyboard shortcut into your mood message or IM conversation.
Icon Name Shortcut
  Afghanistan (flag:AF)
  Albania (flag:AL)
  Algeria (flag:DZ)
  American Samoa (flag:AS)
  Andorra (flag:AD)
  Angola (flag:AO)
  Anguilla (flag:AI)
  Antarctica (flag:AQ)
  Antigua and Barbuda (flag:AG)

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